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Dec. 24th, 2020 09:01 pm
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Shit I've written is below.

All slash fic is labelled so  if you don't like that stuff, don't read.



The Volvo Time Lord Series - A series of pointless crack vignettes where House and Wilson are thrown into various times by a time travelling Volvo (utterly ridiculous)  1. Frenchman and Straw.....    2. In A Hedge
Turn Tail- Utterly pointless exercise where Wilson grows a tail and House is amused

The 'I don't know what'
A Duplicitous Dive - 
Wilson does something very silly trying to live out a childhood fantasy
Careless Hands - Wilson should really look where he puts his hand.
Cripples Don't Do Snow- House and Wilson are snowed and House is annoyed.
Fox News' Accurate Weather Report - Written for the Cap Sick!Wilson random item challenge
How Do You Solve A Problem Like Lucas?- Wilson's had enough of Lucas' pranks
Mexican Standoff It can't end well with two stubborn, armed adversaries...or can it? Spoilers for 8.07 Dead and Buried
The Landing - Drunken ramblings covering death rays and breasts

Shameless Fluff/ Not Angsty Stuff
An Unwanted Gift - House decides to surprise Wilson by making him a birthday dinner. (Slash)
Bickering By Paper- House attempts to cure his boredom by sending notes to Wilson (IMPLIED SLASH)
Cake- Wilson needs to complete his New Years Resolution. House does not help matters (SLASH)
Dance Dance Regret - Wilson comes home with a black eye. House investigates.
Hot Lemon- Wilson has a cold but House wants sex so tries some persuasive techniques (SLASH).
Sex and chores. (SLASH)
Night-Time Habit-
What Wilson does when he can't get to sleep. (IMPLIED SLASH)
On Hands And Knees - Picking out furniture really shouldn't be this difficult (spoilers for 6x16)
Sleepwalker- Wilson starts sleepwalking and it leads him somewhere unexpected. (SLASH)
Step On My Old Size Nines- Drunk!Wilson wants to to dance. (SLASH)
Untitled (drabbles)- Reflections from episode 6x10

The Angsty stuff (i.e. hurt/comfort, death, boohoos and all that)
2+2=5 - Sometimes things don't add up.
Unrequited love is a destructive thing. (IMPLIED SLASH)
Awake-  Sex and angst. (SLASH)
Bullfrog Look, The- Sick!Wilson and caring!House
Comeback of The Ford Fairmont, The - (Part One and Part Two)- Includes sick!Wilson and kleptomaniac!House
Dangers of Dismissing (sick!Wilson fest)-Wilson shouldn't dismiss those symptoms. 
Glass- Hurt/comfort goodness.
Gravity (Part One and Part Two)- General miserableness and character death
Great Expectations - What you expect is never necessarily what you will get.
Home-Less- Wilson never wanted House to leave. :(.
Panic And Pancakes-Wilson has an unpleasant nightmare. House is there to make it all fine and well...sort of.
Reasons To Be Ignored-Hard to summarize..
Stitches- Ties and madness...(sequel Slow Motion
Shoe Shine and Theatre Time- Wilson wants to go to the theatre for his birthday.
Suspicious Silence (sick!Wilson fest)-When Wilson doesn't make noises in the morning, House knows something is up
The Week That Was- Just some serious D: going on in here
Ways and Means- Wilson reflects. General miserableness can also be found here


A Questionable Virtue - John Watson had always been a patient man. A Study of patience. Gen.
Missing In Action - A somewhat depressing aftermath of the ending of The Great Game.

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