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Dec. 24th, 2020 09:01 pm
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Shit I've written is below.
A load of old shite... )

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 IDEK but it's cute.

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...I have been at work today...WORK. Christmas bloody day. I was earning around £30 an hour doing it but still, UGH.

I did return home to a full turkey dinner and I am now contending with the largest food baby known to man. I wouldn't be surprised if I had herniated my stomach. My mother knows how to cook TOO much food. 

I got the two gifts I asked for, a dvd and an Xbox game, and a few other general bits and pieces. A small selection of gifts this year, but my parents are being fabulous and putting some of their money towards my ticket for the Scandinavian cruise we are going on next year. 

I also have a cocktail party to attend tomorrow...WOOPPPPEEEE...

So to everyone.... MERRY CHRISTMAS

title or description
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 Christmas Tree is up...but I feel about as Christmassy as a discarded paper bag. 

2011 has officially been a year of absolutely nothing. I  have done nothing, achieved nothing. 

I didn't know it was actually possible to waste an ENTIRE year.

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Title: Charity Case
Author: moose_mcmoose
Prompt:  35. Wilson grows a moustache for Movember. Someone, probably House, hates it so s/he tries to forcibly shave it off and Wilson is cut. Or anything else that involves Wilson growing a moustache for Movember!
Pairing: House/Wilson Friendship
Category: sick!Wilson fest
Rating/Warnings: PG-13.
Words: 2314
Disclaimer: I am currently failing at life as I do not own them.
Beta: My darling mate PMB

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We asked 100 people to name as many 'Friends' characters as they could... The one who can name the character with the lowest number wins the round....

Couple 1: Oh we don't know this one....erm....Will Smith?

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ZOMG...I wrote fanfiction again. 

Title: Mexican Standoff
Rating: PG 
Characters: House/Wilson/Foreman
Words: 772
Summary: It can't end well with two stubborn, armed adversaries...or can it? Spoilers for 8.07 Dead and Buried

"They've called each other's bluff, and one of them was going to lose out." )
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moose_mcmoose: (Default)'s Robin Hood of course....With the best opening credit sequence of the Disney films....

And that whistling song. What a delightful earworm!!

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I will.

*needs motivation*

I will.


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