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Title: The Comeback of The Ford Fairmont (Part 2)- Yogurt
Characters: House/Wilson
Rating: PG (mentions of food, more specifically yogurt and chicken) sick!wilson, caring!House (with his own special brand)
Words: 2100
Disclaimer: I don't own them. A shame, as then I could buy some new jeans.
Summary: Second part to the first part which can be found here. I would suggest reading the first part first, obviously. Set about a week after the first part. Wilson's hating the hospital food so House sets out to fix that problem.

Ewwwwwww hospital food.... GRIM )
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Wahey! Second day running...again another signal of my commitment.

After yesterdays exertions my mood today is a lot more calm in comparison. Had a bit of a shitty turn emotionally last night which kind of ruined the night for me. I hate it when that happens.
But hey, let's not dwell. I had a good cry, a runny nose and now everything is a-okay apart from the fact I blew my nose in a make-up remover facewipe and now my nose is tingling.

My calm mood has also been ably assisted by my belly which is currently full of these good looking food stuffs

Sunday roasts are the reason I live for Sundays. That and House on Sky1 of course.

Also a mahoosive thank you to all you kind folk who commented on my fic on the previous post. I am working on a second part to it so hopefully that'll get done and sorted. You guys win.

And I am feeling a bit generous today so i might stick another fic from on later.


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